Do You Know the Genres of Electronic Music?

Even though electronic music plays a vital part in our daily life today, we barely notice it if we don't pay attention. Many of the chart-topping songs have electronic tunes as the catchy hook. Go ahead and discover different genres of electronic music.

28 Nov 2019

Electronic music

Common for all electronic music are the electronic music instruments producing the sounds. There is, however, a difference between electroacoustic, music where you use players and their instruments to produce your sounds, and music that is produced only with electronic components (computers). The electronic music production goes way back but it was during the 1970's it took a really big leap and had significant influence on music production. It is this music we are interested in here on this blog - electronic music influences from 1970 and onward and how electronic elements have affected music development - and how it probably will continue to do so even more in the future.